A cycling friendly hotel in Alcudia

100% Cycling Friendly

The perfect hotel for those cyclists who want to stay in the most emblematic sportive area in Mallorca. From here, guests will enjoy cycling with all the facilities that offers a totally sport-adapted hotel.

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Botel Alcudiamar offers the main and more important services for cyclists through our collaborative company, Cycling Friendly. Some of the available services are:

  • Bikes rental
  • Personalized routes
  • Guide services for all levels
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Sportive health-care
  • Guide car
  • Transfer for cyclists
  • Other services available on request
Cycling Friendly
To Access these services click on the logo accessing to the cyclists services form. For a more personalized attention you can call to 971 126 711 or send an email to info@cycling-friendly.com


Cyclist route Pla de Mallorca
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Botel Alcudiamar – Pla de Mallorca

In this Cycling Friendly route you will enjoy some of the most beautiful secondary roads to enjoy all the essence of the island.

Starting from Botel Alcudiamar, our route will go around emblematic villages like Muro, Sineu, Sencelles or Lloret de Vistalegre in this route where we specially select the safest and most beautiful roads for the Botel clients.

Cyclist route Es Raiguer
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Botel Alcudiamar - Es Raiguer

If we stay in a great hotel like Botel Alcudiamar, and also we know which cycling friendly roads have new tarmac, we will have a calm but impressive route!

Starting and coming back to Alcudia by the Albufera area, we take some uphill like in Búger or Campanet. From there, we will enjoy the new tarmac arriving to Inca, a Cycling Friendly village, and continue by Puig de Santa Magdalena arriving to Sa Pobla and Alcudia.

Cyclist route Sa Calobra
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Botel Alcudiamar - La Victoria - Sa Calobra

This cycling friendly route starting from Botel Alcudiamar will show us some emblematic places in Mallorca, such as Sa Calobra.

Before that, we will enjoy some great views after climbing The Victoria Hermitage.

We will ascend to Coll de Femenía and take the exit to Coll dels Reis, where we will begin the descent to Sa Calobra.

We will go down to Caimari by the Coll de sa Batalla and then take some recently tarmac roads arriving to Campanet.

Cyclist route Formentor
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Botel Alcudiamar - Coll de sa Batalla – Formentor

It is a must for cycle tourists coming to Mallorca to visit Formentor and Coll de sa Batalla! What if we go to these two places by a Cycling Friendly route?

From Botel Alcudiamar we go to Sa Pobla, and by a secondary road we will arrive to the Cycling Friendly village of Inca.

In Caimari, we will start the 8 km climbing of Coll de sa Batalla. After reaching the top, we will go down to Pollença and visit one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Formentor light house. After, we can take the Pollença bay bike lane to our hotel.

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